Your Blonde Insurance- The Lowdown on Olaplex
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Your Blonde Insurance- The Lowdown on Olaplex

The blonde hair game changer!

Are you experiencing breakage, or it seems your blonde hair just won’t grow – you need to get some olaplex in your life!

The low down on Olaplex….

Olaplex is free of silicone, sulphates, DEA phthalates aldehydes, gluten free, also importantly never tested on animals.

Olaplex reconnects broken disulfide sulphur bonds, which happens during thermal, mechanical and chemical services, so in simple terms when you lighten, color (bleach or tint) your hair, use flat iron or hairdryer or any hot styling tool you are breaking disulfide sulphur bonds in your hair, when these are broken your hair becomes more fragile, by using Olaplex your are bringing your hair back in to a healthier state.

Olaplex is going to make your hair stronger and healthier and your colour will last longer, hey you might even want to go a little lighter through your already lighten ends and Olaplex allows us to do this while not compromising the condition of your hair, the more you use Olaplex the better your hair will become.

Ok so how do you use Olaplex you say….

Olaplex can be added to your color for instant protection, this we highly recommend if you are lightening, can also be used as a standalone hair treatment for hair that is already compromised, there is also a take home edition, so outside of the salon you can continue the good work, the best thing about the take home haircare is you put it on dirty hair, yes no need to wash your hair first, leave it on for at least 30mins, personally I sleep with it on and shampoo and condition it out in the morning, no time wasted waiting to get back in the shower to shampoo it out.

Want to know more…call us, we are always happy to chat 33240144 or next time you’re in the salon and your stylist hasn’t mentioned it, hit them up!