Revival of the Blonde
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Revival of the Blonde

Are you a brunette looking to revive your blonde look, this one’s for you! Revival blonde is great if you have darker skin tones or naturally deeper hair colours. Choose adventure and shake off your standard colour by adding a dash of blonde!

Using blonde in caramel or honey colours around your face can brighten your brown locks and make your eyes sparkle with blonde mischief.

Or get yourself a little bayalage, combining your favourite brown and blonde tones. This is a great colour option if you have really dark hair and want to join in on the blonde fun. Not sure which way to go on the path to a Revival Blonde? With so many blonde colour options available, it can be difficult to know which one will work best with your complexion. A good rule of thumb when starting out on the road to blonde, is to choose a colour two shades lighter than your natural base colour. This way, you can be sure that the colour will go hand-in-hand with your skin tone. Another tip is to look at the lighter flecks in your eyes and use this as a guide to how light your hair colour can be without making you look too washed out.

Still not certain about your blonde direction? Our stylists are experts trained in colour theory. Since we also specialise in blonde hair, you are in good hands!

At KOR Hairdressing, we walk you through all of the blonde colour options while you relax - sipping on a beverage of your choice from our café collection. We also offer six fantastic Blond Hair Packages so you will definitely find one that fits with your hair style and colour choice.

Simply call or book online today and let us help you revive your hair and find your perfect blonde colour!