Rebel Blonde Without a Cause!
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Rebel Blonde Without a Cause!

Big personalities deserve bold colour. A pop of purple or a soft shade of fuchsia is sure to give you a stand out style and you feeling like a Rebel Blonde!

Keen to try a Rebel Blonde look? Try something a little pastel in your fringe. Or use a blast of dark colour for a smouldering moody style that works well with a smoky eye. Popular accent colours include strands of hot pink, shades of soft lavender, apricots or even hues of blue or mint.

For an under-the-radar rebel, you can still achieve this look using a more conventional colour pallet. Experiment with darker colours if you have all-over blonde hair, or go for a splice of blonde if your hair has a darker base colour. No matter what your current hair colour is, a fringe with peekaboo window of any colour can have a striking effect!

At KOR, we are specialists at creating a range of stunning blonde styles with Rebel Blonde being a favourite for our clients looking for something different – for their everyday style or for a special event.

If you only want to rock the Rebel Blonde look on weekends or for a girl’s night out – we have the answer! We can work with you to create a temporary colour that lasts a few washes so you can easily revert to being a blonde bombshell or radiant blondeafterwards. If you are not ready to take the plunge using an extreme colour on your own hair, try Rebel Blonde extensions. This way you can get creative with your colour choice for custom dyed hair extensions and release your Rebel Blonde whenever the mood takes you!

Embrace a bold new look with confidence at KOR Hairdressing in Stone’s Corner. We are colour experts and our stylists would love to help find the perfect hair colour for you.