Put Your Blonde Into It!
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Put Your Blonde Into It!

As a woman, we have a lot of work to do. But it needn’t be so hard.

From having a career (while keeping the home running smoothly) to encouraging others (while dealing with hormones)… life can be so much easier when we’re Blonde.

Now, before all you brunettes cry out in protest, or rush into our salon to ‘Get Blonde,’ let me explain that there’s much, much, much more to being blonde, than, well, having blonde hair.

You see, it’s a mindset. And a way of life.

Even if you're only just ‘Legally Blonde’ - (our signature blend of tiny, well-placed blonde pieces, designed to enhance your natural tones) you’re only just in, but hey, you’re in.

Likewise, if you’re a ‘Rebel Blonde’ - (that little piece of rebellious blonde or the bright pink with it) yep, you still qualify. Just.

But it goes without saying, that all you Blonde Bombshells out there and those with serious Blonde Hair addictions truly understand this phenomenon - and as for you REAL Blondes? Well, say no more.

You see, being Blonde makes life easier.

On those hormonal days, when you’re feeling ugly - a big zit has erupted in the most conspicuous place on your face, (and you’re probably feeling bloated as well) - you just make one flick of your blonde hair - in public - and it’s as if the whole world stops.

Just for a micro second, you are the envy of everyone on that pavement. They are mesmerised by you. Zit, hormones and all. Instantly, you feel better!

Now, who else can do that? Attract that type of admiration when all seems to falling to bits?

A Blonde.
That’s who.
And they've known it forever.
And - who, in society, tends to be considered the most capable? A Blonde or a Brunette?
A brunette right?
The Blonde knows this - and she also knows that this means she gets all the offers of help.

Smart. Intelligent. Making life easier.