“I’m a REAL Blonde!”
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“I’m a REAL Blonde!”

Platinum and vanilla Blondes are just some of the tones we like celebrate in our Real Blonde category. This is the standout blonde, the lightest of blonde to makeyou look the literal blonde knockout.

As a Real Blonde, you can mix the fragility of porcelain features with a Platinum Blonde colour. To avoid looking too pale you can team up your Platinum Blonde locks with punchy rock-star red lips to steal the show.

Perhaps you have cool-toned skin with blue and lavender hues, if so try mixing other tones in our blonde catagories such as radiant blonde, or if you are naturally blonde already and you are looking to enhance your colour, this maybe the answer for you, think about light blonde and ash blonde to create depth and frame your face.

Obviously, being a Real Blonde hair colour needs regular maintenance and care. But you can achieve this look with shorter or longer hair; you just need the right hair products for optimum hair health.

At KOR Hairdressing, we will make sure it’s not hard work for you to be a blonde devotee! During your free consultation, your stylist will talk through your blonde options that are going to work best for your complexion and the different levels of maintenance for each colour type – making sure it fits with your lifestyle.

Come and visit KOR Hairdressing in Stone’s Corner, we are all about blonde! If you are thinking about becoming a Real Blonde, check out our range of Blonde Hair Packages, A great place to start is our blonde addiction package, where you receive a perfectly toned full colour, a style cut and even a take-home toner treatment to keep your colour fresh and nourished. If you are addicted to blonde, our Blonde Hair Packages make it easy to refresh your colour regularly and still afford to sip champagne on a Saturday night!

Remember, we are the Blonde Hair experts and we would love to help find the perfect hair colour for you.