Dry and Damaged Blonde Hair

So you’re sporting your fresh new blonde hair, its feeling amazing, so soft and silky, fast forward a week or 2 or maybe worst still you never got that soft silky feeling, it feels like straw, rough and dull looking plus hard to manage and style.

Here are 2 top hair tips I can give you to help you on the road back to being a beautiful blonde
Never leave the salon without having a treatment following your blonding service; the benefits of hair treatments are huge, instantly your hair will return to its natural ph level 4.5-5.5 (this is disrupted when you have a chemical service making it more alkaline and open to damage) this will ensure you get a better longer lasting colour result and hold your toner for longer preventing the warmth coming through as fast, it will lock in the moisture and seal down the hair’s cuticle for smoother and easier to manage hair, treatments generally last 3 washes before your need to repeat it, make sure you have one at home as part of your hair care programme, you should be noticing a difference after every treatment, even when your hair starts to feel amazing again whatever you do don’t stop you hair treatments, this is a lifestyle for your blonde hair now.

Secondly is protection for you blonde hair, blonde hair needs extra protection full stop! Whether you are a natural blonde or get some help to achieve it from your blonde colourist you must use some form of protection if you want to maintain your healthy blonde hair, heat protection is a must if you are using heated styling appliances along with your home hair care that should be tailored to your hair type and texture, having healthy blonde hair is easy when you have the knowhow.

Do you need some help with your blonde? Email us or speak with anyone of the KOR team; we all would love to help get your blonde hair back to just the way you like it.

Stay blonde and have fun!

Talk soon