Best Hairdressers in Brisbane For Ash Blonde Hair
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Best Hairdressers in Brisbane For Ash Blonde Hair

Brisbane’s leading hair colour specialists are well awhere there’s a particular blonde hair colour that’s been circulating the hair industry with a mighty force for some time.

Whether you heard of it from Hollywood and the hottest celebrities, your go-to blonde colourist, or your best friend, you surely know the name: ash blonde, everyone wants ash blonde. But what is this shade of blonde that everyone is raving about and wanting?

We like to describe ash blonde as being one of the most sophisticated blonde colours in the market. It has an alluring glow that is vibrant and fun on light or darker shades of blonde, yet that is a subtle enough shade that ties the whole look together magnificently. It can be the perfect blend of highlights and lowlights, making it a beautiful shade that isn’t overly bright or obnoxious while not being too dark, either.

Women love this elegant and classy blonde hair colour, but what skin tone works best for this particular shade? Cool-toned skin- those with a blue or lavender hue in their skin- can pull off the ash blonde hair perfectly. The beige in the ash colouring plays off of the coolness of the skin, leaving you with a flawless finish that can’t be ignored.

So what’s the conclusion? Next time you’re on the lookout for the best blonde hair colours and styles in Brisbane remember ash blonde is one of the latest colours that works with most blonde shades and is taking over the hair industry by storm. Its gorgeous bright yet beige blend works best for cool-toned skin, although any lady would adore having this luscious colour accompany them year-round.