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Blonde Addiction


Think totally Blonde perfectly toned and shaped to suit you plus take home with you a toner for fresh, nourished and shiny hair

*Package includes: Full color, toner, cut & finish and take home color gloss




Blonde Bombshell


Feeling like somewhat blonde all over, shaped and styled….head turning stuff.

Package includes : Full head foils, toner, cut and finish and take home color gloss




Blonde Fever


Feeling like you really should be blonde, shaped and styled to get away with anything.

Package include 1/2 head foils, toner,  Cut and Finish and take home color gloss




Blonde Moment


For bringing out the best in your haircut, shape and finish.  Enhancing your natural features, result being  shiny healthy hair.

Package includes: enhancing feature foils, toner, cut & finish and take home color gloss




Legally Blonde


Let’s get creative, tips fringes and anywhere in between, shaped and styled along with your take home glossy toner for all round healthy hair.

Package includes: full color, toner, cut & finish and take home color gloss




Warning… Blonde with Brains


Think totally Blonde perfectly toned and shaped to suit you plus take home with you a toner for fresh, nourished and shiny hair

Fully satisfied – leave nothing to chance - go the whole way
* Luscious Shampoo
* Silky Conditioner
* Deep Penetrating Intensive treatment
* Stimulating Styling Product
* Oral Silica supplement for Afterglow. Strong healthy hair skin & nails
* Happy Ending - Your Beautifully wrapped gift just for you. Everything you will ever need all in one pack




Best Blonde Hair Colourists In Brisbane

Do you want nothing more than to have stunning, healthy blonde hair? We pride ourselves on being amongst the best blonde colourist in Brisbane. If you have always shied away  from lightening your hair, because you haven’t found the right hairdresser in Brisbane or the right blonde hair colour, now is the time to try it.

At Brisbane hairdressers, KOR Hairdressing we have specialised staff, who you can truly rely on, to provide  you with the results you desire and deserve. We offer you expert services when is comes to your hair and we  only use high  quality products. If you want to get the best possible outcome and a fabulous blonde hair colour,  come to Brisbane’s best hair salon - KOR.

Our team of experts is committed to helping you look your absolute best. We know  how to  care for your blonde hair and create a gorgeous blonde hair colours from silky icy blonde to a vanilla buttery blonde that will look amazing on you. We are skilled in our foil work, from superfine foils for the natural look to heavier foils for a more textured look, always taking extra care with our foil placement, our foils are close to the scalp and never look striped. An appointment at our Brisbane hairdressing salon means getting pampered, treated with care by your stylist, being able to relax in our soothing salon environment, completely unwinding and leaving as a happy and gorgeous looking and  full of confidence.

If you want to know more about our range of services, please do not hesitate to contact us  now on  7 3324 0144. We are always happy to assist you in any way we can, and would  gladly offer our expert advice on which shade of blonde that best suits you.


Brisbane’s Best Hair Colourists

 Blonde Hair Colour Consultion Is A Must With Your Hair Colourist

At Brisbane's Kor hairdressing located in Stones Corners,  one of Brisbane best  hair salons, you will receive an in-depth hair colour consultation. Where your highly trained  hair colourists, take the time to listen to your past colour experiences, a space where you and your hair colourist will have a conversation in plain english, we wont speak to you in "hairdresser talk" so you know exactly what's going on and that enables you to walk out of Kor hairdressing with just the hair colour you dreamed of.

Blonde Hair Colour Selection

There are so many different shades, tones and reflects that knowing how to explain exactly what you want can be a challenge. So at Kor hairdressing we put YOU at ease and have devised a specific method that will ensure your hair colour will suit your skin tone and eye colour and reflect the  Image that YOU had in your mind!

Blonde Hair Colour Techniques

Kor Hairdressing the Brisbane hair Colourists  have a whole beauty box full of up to date colour techniques, which are taken into account and discussed with YOU to achieve the result you are after. Below is a list of some of the techniques our colourist will discuss with you.

  • Foiling
  • Inserts
  • Global
  • Gloss Colour Enhancing Shine
  • Ombre
  • Colour melting
  • Balyage
  • Blending Grey’s gracefully
  • Multi tonal Movement

Blonde Hair Colour Aftercare

You want to look good! You want your hair to stay looking healthy, shiny and sexy.

You have invested the time and money with Kor  hair colourist they will discuss with you how to get the best longevity out of your colour and make recommendation with tips and tools so that you can look amazing between salon visits and simply recreate the salon look at home!

Taking care of your Blonde hair needs:

So you've just walked out of the salon with your new gorgeous blonde hair,  as you walk down the city sidewalk with your hair shimmering against the sun, you start to wonder: “How can I keep my blonde hair , strong, bright and beautiful without any fading or breakage?” Worry NOT!  

Your KOR stylist will walk you through these simple steps (and more)  with tips that will keep your hair looking fresh and radiant in-between your salon visits.

Ask yourself…do you need to wash Hair Every Day? Instead, try going a day or two between washes, try Dry shampoo it’s great to use on those days in-between to keep it looking and feeling fresh.

Try to Refrain from Heat. We all know that hot irons, curling wands, and other heated styling equipment can damage hair immensely. Try to refrain from using these styling tools everyday if possible, and if you do use them, apply a heat protectant before hand. Also try and wash your hair with cool to luke warm water rather than hot, this will also help to keep the moisture and prevent your hair from drying out.

Blonde hairConditioner. Always condition your hair after washing, it seals your hair and prevents flyaways, it’s a good idea to apply a leave-in conditioner in between hair washing days for an extra boost of moisture. Your stylist will recommend one designed especially for your hair and scalp.

Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner specifically for Blonde hair. This is imperative for some hair types, to keep you perfectly blonde. We select the correct enhancer to keep your hair looking bright, while preventing colour fadage.

Blonde hair Conditioning Hair Masks.  Deep conditioning hair mask specifically for your Blonde Obsession, will replenish the lost proteins in your hair, improve the softness, shine and strength of your Blonde  locks, making it easier to style. Yeah baby!